Bad Kitty–A Poll

Bad Kitty wisely hiding after some horrible antic.  See the glowing eyes?  Pure naughtiness.

Bad Kitty lamely hiding after some wretched antic. See the glowing eyes? Pure wickedness, I tell you.

I have never been a cat person, but two of them have managed to sneak into our lives.  Cuddles:  sweet and loveable kitty (as long as she is fed–otherwise she will chew on you).  And Pearl:  pycho, naughty, in-heat-80%-of-her-life, aloof, skittish…well, you get the picture. 

My girls l-o-v-e these creatures, so getting rid of them is not an option (read that: much more trouble than keeping them).  HOWEVER, this last season of being in heat, Pearl became more than a little grouchy that she was not let outside to be her trampy little self.

The way she took out her frustration, was by spraying various assorted items in our home.  No one can tell me she didn’t know EXACTLY what she was doing, because the nature of the objects of her attention were very personal. 

Also, you must know that I have a Very Sensitive Nose and cannot, simply CANNOT, stand the smell of the litterbox, let alone the smell of any item rightfully belonging in the litterbox that finds itself elsewhere in my abode.  Seriously, I cannot handle it.  At all.

Indeed, this is where the poll comes in.  I will let you, my dear friends, decide which is the worst item for bad-kitty-spray:

Nasty.  Gross.  Disgusting.  Bad kitty.

Perhaps another poll might be necessary to decide what should be done with the nasty little beast that did all four in a Rampage of Pee-Scented Nastiness within 24 hours this past week. 


Trying to resist plotting my revenge.  I (briefly) considered throwing her into the laundry with the 16,000 tons of kittified laundry I had to do, but thought the better of it.  Besides, she’s too fast for me to catch her. 

Bad cat.


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5 responses to “Bad Kitty–A Poll

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  2. Ann

    You possess much grace, my friend! Cat would be my first trial with Kari’s book-find only I’d change knitting with DOG hair to knitting –or SOMETHING– with CAT hair. Maybe a rug at the front door to wipe my feet on!

    I am sorry for you, your home, your laundry that was almost caught up and your nose! Arg!

    Bad Cat!

    • Grace, possibly, but I sure wasn’t looking (or sounding) very graceful as I chased that miserable creature through the house, determined to make her more miserable than me!

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  4. Mike

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